We manufacture and supply all types of agricultural trailer covers: flat sheets, shaped 'bulker style' sheets and ‘rollover’ kits.

We can also manufacture and supply to order

> Irrigation reel covers
> Air ducts
> Harvester canopies (made to measure and fit modified or standard frameworks)
> Elastic bungees 10mm, 8mm & 6mm
> Fertiliser tank covers, forklift canopies, fittings (eyelets, hooks, rings, pop fasteners, turn buttons etc.)
> Grain socks
> Landrover hoods, load restraint systems, lorry side curtains
> Mats (potato)
> Nets
> Pick up tonneau & frame canopies
> Poly tarps, polythene, pond liners, pig tents
> Slurry pit liners, stack covers
> Tank liners, trailer sheets (flat, bulker & rollover)
> Underbelly shields for tractors/sprayers
> Silage covers
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